Cloud-based Transport Management System

SaaS-Based TMS software to streamline your business operations from booking to invoicing.

Why HaulierMagic?

Get Complete Business Control
  • Better Stock Control
  • Get Performance Insights
  • Optimise Operational Cost
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Enforce Business Rules
Efficient Planning
  • Skills Based Validations
  • Reduce Bridge Strikes 
  • Improve Resource Utilisation
  • Recommendations for Load Building
  • Arrivals Board Data to Plan Better
Streamline Tariff Engine
  • Get Right Price for Every Job
  • Manage Complex Product Pricing
  • Order-Based Tariff Options
  • Support for Adding Extras & Fuel Surcharge
  • Provide Zone Maps
Simplify Vehicle Inspection
  • Enforce Daily Walk Around Checks
  • Customise Questions for Inspections
  • Workflow for Critical Conditions
  • Driver and Trailer Level Checks
  • Multiple Inspections in a Day
Accuracy & Control
  • Defines Process Driven Design
  • Traffic Areas with Role-Based Access
  • Asset Monitoring at Granular Level
  • End-to-End Auditing
  • Subcontractor Management
Field-Office Sync
  • Mobile POD Scanning
  • Real-time Field Visibility and ETA
  • Capture Field Notes
  • Manage Expenses & Night Outs
  • Personalised Workflow for Customer


General Haulage

By leveraging advanced route optimisation algorithms and real-time tracking capabilities, we empower you to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Let's explore how our tailored approach can transform your haulage operations and drive sustainable growth. Read More>

Local Delivery Services
Bulk Transport
Container Haulage
Refrigerated Transport

Pallet network

With seamless depot integration, automated scheduling, and real-time pallet tracking, we enable pallet network companies to optimise their networks, minimise transit times, and improve overall performance. Let's explore how our expertise can elevate your pallet network operations to new heights. Read More>

Pallet Distribution
Pallet Collection
Hub Operations
Freight Consolidation

Freight Forwarding

By streamlining operations, mitigating risks, and enhancing visibility, we empower freight forwarders to optimise their workflows, ensure compliance, and deliver superior service. Let's explore how our solution can provide tangible benefits for your freight forwarding endeavours. Read More>

Air Freight Forwarding
Ocean Freight Forwarding
Road Freight Forwarding
Customs Clearance Services
Warehousing and Distribution

Customer testimonials

Our existing system had gaps in capability, functionality and had failed to keep pace with emerging technologies, operational needs and our vision for future development. Haulier Enterprise provided a fluid platform that allowed for rapid customisation and integration opportunities and now provides the backbone of our business to valued clients
Paul Denyer, Managing Director, Alan Firmin Transport Ltd.
It’s a one-stop solution that satisfies all of our requirements. The system provides us with even more detailed online tracking of vehicles and loads, reports on driver and vehicle performance as well as vital business information to help us maintain our controls and efficiencies.
It manages every aspect of our business, including directly entering orders onto the system and generating the paperwork, helping us to work more efficiently.
Paul Jackson, Managing Director, Chiltern Cold Storage
Since adopting Haulier Enterprise in 2006, we have seen real, measurable improvements in our day-to-day operations and to our bottom-line
Jack Richards & Son Ltd
The ease of sending the drivers there jobs through the app is fantastic, it eliminates mistakes as they have all the information in front of them. And the customer portal is great as our customers can log on to see delivery notes and input jobs. Moving forward with Proteo will save us time & money.
Andy Williams, Managing Director, Williams Transport

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