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Advanced TMS Software built for the next decade of transportation

SaaS-Based TMS software to streamline your business operations from booking to invoicing.

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A Single Solution to Simplify Complex Transportation Processes

Complete Management 

Integrate existing ordering, Warehouse Management, or invoicing systems, and manage your entire operation through a single TMS.

Optimised use of Resources

Monitor live resource availability so you can allocate orders to drivers and vehicles quickly and effectively, to promise consistent, quality service.

Comprehensive Planning 

Plan for your jobs & resources ahead of time , using AI-based, map-based, and traditional methods with data grouping for easy allocation of responsibility.

Live Tracking & Visibility

Track real-time progress and access POD reports as they are processed by drivers, to speed up your order-to-cash cycle whilst keeping a clear view of all processes.

Paperless Transport Management System Software

No hosting, access from any device, anywhere

3rd party system integration

Quickly onboard new clients

Seamless order entry & processing

Real-time tracking & visibility

Digital POD management

Access POD reports and job status updates immediately 

Access live resource availability and easily allocate in the most efficient way

Traffic & tariff management

Handle Subcontracting with ease

Who do we support?


Pallet Network


General Haulage


Bulk Transporters




General Logistics

Any business model, and size

HaulierMagic has been developed with customisability in mind, meaning that the software, alongside our development team, work closely with each customer and their unique challenges, to build a solution that works to suit their precise needs.

This flexibility means that we are not restricted to our key verticals, and so regardless of your business model or operational uniquenesses, our solutions can be tailored to suit your requirements.


A selection of our customers

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