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Freight Forwarding Challenges

Global Logistics Management

Coordinating shipments across international borders while navigating customs regulations, tariffs, and documentation requirements is highly complex.

Multi-Modal Transport

Integrating various modes of transportation, such as air, sea, and land, seamlessly to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries poses significant challenges.

Customs Compliance

Ensuring compliance with diverse customs regulations and documentation requirements in different countries is crucial for avoiding delays and penalties.

Risk Management

Mitigating risks associated with cargo damage, theft, and loss during transit requires proactive measures and real-time monitoring.

Cost Management

Balancing cost efficiency with service quality and meeting budget constraints is a perpetual challenge in the freight forwarding industry.

How HaulierMagic Helps Freight Forwarding

Fleet Maintenance

Consistency and efficiency rely on the correct rules and processes in place. This begins with vehicle maintenance to ensure you can keep running a reliable service. HaulerMagic’s driver app lets your team's log daily vehicle checks, all digitally, which can be sent back to the main system for review. Improve responsiveness and make sure disruptions that can be avoided are curved, to maintain a quality service.

​Multi-Drop Planning & Resource Efficiency

Have all of your orders planned using a single screen, with drag-and-drop functionality which lets you clearly allocate orders onto each driver and vehicle. Access live resource availability, so you can effectively manage your workload, alongside available drivers, trucks and trailers, while keeping specific ETA's in focus.HaulierMagic offers multi-drop planning optimisation based on these available resources, so you can cut planning times from hours to just minutes, ensuring orders are allocated in the most effective way by the system.

​E-Proof of Delivery & Tracking

Our mobile app feeds your drivers their orders, including all the necessary details behind each. They can use their app to scan pallets in the Hub, repeatedly scan their journey and finalise the order with a POD capture, with options to take photographic delivery confirmation alongside. These POD captures are included when invoicing customers, along with being available for review in the office immediately after your driver completes the job.

Mobile Invoicing

​Live Customer Notifications

Our Client Portal lets your customers manage their own orders, when they need updates. This helps your teams by reducing the time spent speaking with customers and providing updates, while also helping your customers to manage their own demand.Customers can place orders, review previous orders, make payments and access live delivery updates with to-the-minute accuracy.This unparalleled tracking & traceability improves responsiveness to any disruptions or delays while helping you to prioritise excellent communications and customer service.

​Full Visibility & Control

With automated updates, live route monitoring, and a fully digital solution, any Groupage operation benefits from the crystal clear visibility offered by HaulierMagic. Customers receive updates alongside your teams, responsiveness improves and your drivers can improve their efficiency whilst reducing time spent on manual tasks.
Our mobile app also offers full offline capabilities so drivers can continue to record updates when service drops, the information simply updates once the connection resumes. With this level of real-time monitoring, you can maintain complete control over each order through every stage of delivery, with no blindspots.

Construction and Building Materials

Digitise and optimise your construction operations with workforce management, route planning, driver tracking, and ePoD solutions, that seamlessly integrate into existing systems of your construction business. Read More>

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