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General Haulage Challenges

Route Optimisation

Navigating the complexities of multiple deliveries, varied destinations, and changing traffic conditions can be a logistical nightmare.

Fleet Management

Keeping track of numerous vehicles, their maintenance schedules, and ensuring timely dispatches is a significant challenge.

Driver Management

Managing driver schedules, monitoring their performance, and ensuring compliance with regulations pose ongoing challenges.

Real-time Tracking

Lack of real-time visibility into shipment status leads to inefficiencies and hampers customer satisfaction.

Documentation and Compliance

The industry is heavily regulated, and keeping up with documentation requirements and compliance standards is very demanding.

How HaulierMagic Helps General Haulage

Streamlined Order Input & Processing

HaulierMagic simplifies order management by seamlessly importing or inputting orders from various channels. It integrates with existing digital systems, easing order booking from telesales or the warehouse. Orders are automatically organised, with all relevant details easily accessible. This enables office teams to efficiently handle demand, manage orders effectively, and maintain organisation effortlessly. HaulierMagic ensures smooth order fulfilment, optimised job allocation, and timely assignment to drivers.

Sales Order Management

​Job Execution & Monitoring

Empowers drivers with advanced POD capabilities, allowing them to log and report journey updates, automatically shared with relevant teams. Essential paperwork like consignment references is stored on both drivers' mobile devices and the main system, enhancing accuracy in driving and delivery times. This results in more consistent ETAs and significantly reduced waiting times. Live updates between drivers and the office vastly improve responsiveness, while automated notifications keep customers informed at each order stage. Eliminate paper processes, reduce duplication, and enhance sustainability and efficiency.

​Live Resource Availability & Allocation

With live resource availability, HaulierMagic helps your team to allocate the right orders to the available drivers, vehicles and trailers. From collection to completion, you can manage your operation and jobs with improved flexibility, ensuring you fulfil orders to specific requirements, all of the time.

​Customer self-service & notifications

Keep customers in the loop with live notifications throughout the order cycle. HaulierMagic enables your teams to reduce the time spent updating customers manually, helping you and your customers to focus on priority tasks. Our Client Portal provides a convenient space for your customers to book orders, and oversee the status of each order as it makes its journey to them.HaulierMagic provides the opportunity to offer a more flexible and accurate ordering process for customers, while the live job & journey data you can access keeps everyone in the loop, avoiding delays and ensuring more reliable services.

Route Optimisation for Faster Delivery

RouteMagic offers advanced route planning & delivery scheduling functionality to help you automate regular or standing orders, effortlessly & quickly plan & optimise delivery routes & track the entire process in real-time manner.

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