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Williams Transport Ltd

Optimise end to end transport management solution for smart haulage management

The Story

Based out of Cambridgeshire, Williams Transport is an ever-expanding family-owned business with 90 employees, a very modern fleet of 65 vehicles, and an impressive 120 trailers.
Williams Transport specialises in transporting all manner of goods throughout the UK and Europe. A forward-looking attitude backed by over 43 years of experience in the road haulage business has helped Williams Transport to grow and ensure customer satisfaction on all their projects. Their mission is to grow while working closely with all their customers and go the extra mile to ensure all the customer requirements are met.

The Challenge

they require that businesses can learn to adapt and make changes to keep up with the times and are the ones that survive the test of time and stay ahead in the game.With fierce competition and the ever-adapting demands of the customers, switching to a comprehensive Transport Management System became necessary.

Road haulage is a low-margin industry and the need for tracking hidden costs and keeping overheads down became crucial. The people at the helm of Williams Transport realized this. Though proud of their business’s heritage, they were also eager to propel Williams Transport to the forefront of the Haulage industry.
Williams outlined the need for systems that would save time, save man-hours, and improve accuracy thus enabling easier identification and control of costs, improve efficiency, and reduce errors while going paperless and having a secure operations platform.

Williams Transport was especially keen on a web-based system that allowed secure access from anywhere and eliminated the need for on-premise server setups. Another concern Williams wanted to address was delivering better accountability and levels of service to their increasingly demanding customers. Deeper insights and greater levels of visibility and control over the entire operations were also a high priority.

The Solution

With our comprehensive solution and a team of experts, we understood the client's specific business requirements and the challenges associated with them. Collaborating closely with the client, we carefully noted all the use cases they were currently dealing with and ensured that HaulierMagic could meet all their needs through simple configuration. To tackle their main challenges, we implemented a suite of HaulierMagic's software solutions specifically tailored to their requirements.

Client Portal

Client Portal allows Haulier’s customers to securely log in, view all their job statuses in real-time, and enter and edit jobs directly which the Haulier can then accept, thus eliminating the need for constant in-person communication and building customers' trust and confidence in the Haulier’s services. It fully integrates with Proteo Fleet and provides complete vehicle telematics and live fleet tracking capabilities and GPS-enabled tracking.

Planning & Real-time Tracking

Real-time information availability through the Arrivals board helps Hauliers view their complete operations’ status live and make quick decisions in case of delays and other unforeseen issues.Smart route planning, easy-to-use UI, and accessibility through any device because of Proteo Enterprise being organised on the cloud is other major draws to this versatile, comprehensive, one-stop TMS.

The Result

The client saw some great improvements in the form of:

Time & Resource Savings

Ease of Driver Management

Real-time Updates

Seamless SAGE Integrations 

Revolutionise Your
Transport Operations